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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hideously low australian dollar

what's in it for you?
well, if you are an international customer of mine, then you'll be thrilled to see how i've dropped my etsy prices.....$9 decrease per listing, right across the board.
that makes the soaps the lowest USD$ price they've ever been...$4.75 each.

not to mention the shipping that has also been adjusted to reflect the exchange rate.

i still get the same rate in aussie dollars, but it is a fabulous deal for my american friends.
if you were thinking of stocking up for christmas, now would be a good time.
if our dollar improves, so my prices go up.
if it gets much worse, i shall be accepting wheelbarrows of paper cash by the new year.
along with everyone else.

if you are an australian customer, then you'll still be paying the same as you hav always paid....and not being crushed by the exchange rate either.

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