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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

winter treasures from faeriemade

Yule Limited Edition soap from Faerie Made
This is our limited edition soap for winter. This vegan soap is absolutely gorgeous. Amber resin is combined with cedarwood, orange, litsea and patchouli. Juniperberry and clove round out the blend. Dusted with gold mica, this is a true affordable luxury and the scent blooms in the shower. Just lovely!
4.5 oz

Playing on the theme of Amber and juniperberry comes our Winter Solstice limited edition perfume. The scent is soft like the season. Snow on the ground mutes world. Everything is soft, subtle, clear, cool. Winter.

Neroli, lemon, blood orange and petitgrain tease the senses lightly. Amber resin and juniperberry essential oil are paired together with notes of sandalwood, patchouli and a touch of spicy clove coming out during the dry down. Soft and pretty.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

tea flower

i made a delightful new soap recently....i've called it tea flower.

it's very pretty....pale orange with rose and calendula petals and tea leaves throughout and a generous drizzle of white over the top.

i scented it with rose geranium and orange, mostly......they are lovely blended together...i was dreaming of a stylised orange blossom sort of scent.
all these weddings lately have had this effect on me!

as summer gathers speed here, i'm craving soft pale pretty colours and fresh floral scents.
if you'd like a bar, just cruise over to my etsy and mention it when you check out.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hideously low australian dollar

what's in it for you?
well, if you are an international customer of mine, then you'll be thrilled to see how i've dropped my etsy prices.....$9 decrease per listing, right across the board.
that makes the soaps the lowest USD$ price they've ever been...$4.75 each.

not to mention the shipping that has also been adjusted to reflect the exchange rate.

i still get the same rate in aussie dollars, but it is a fabulous deal for my american friends.
if you were thinking of stocking up for christmas, now would be a good time.
if our dollar improves, so my prices go up.
if it gets much worse, i shall be accepting wheelbarrows of paper cash by the new year.
along with everyone else.

if you are an australian customer, then you'll still be paying the same as you hav always paid....and not being crushed by the exchange rate either.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

more autumnal treats

from magic hands:
Cranberry Crush Shea Butter Soap Bar
A new holiday scent - tart cranberry with undertones of sweet fig and hints of citrus. This is a limited holiday edition, so get it while it's here!

from soap store:
Pink Frosting

Avocado Mint


Monday, September 22, 2008

the herb way

Wildflower Vegan Bath and Body Bar
A beautiful golden bar full of soothing calendula petals, silk and Shea Butter.
Topped with a mix of botanicals and flower petals. A clean unisex scent that men love too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

amber sandalwood vanilla

Amber Sandalwood Vanilla. What can I say? It's Sensual, Mysterious, Exotic. It's Warm, Complex, and Romantic. Definitely one if you want to warm things up a bit. If you know what I mean.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

something for autumn

new from aj's country cottage
NEW! AUTUMN LEAVES SOY CANDLE: Imagine strolling through the woods on a crisp, clear autumn day. Leaves of rich brown, bright orange, and mellow gold flutter from the trees and crunch beneath your feet. This beautiful woodsy scent captures that lovely feel. Very different and unique! If you love fall scents that aren't overly sweet and foodlike, this is a must-have! Layered in the warm colors of fall leaves -- rich brown, mellow orange, and soft gold.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Orange Vanilla Bubble Bath Cupcake
Do you love creamsicles? Well, tangy sweet oranges are blended with rich and creamy vanilla in this cupcake, so you are in luck! It is luscious! This Cupcake fills your tub with lots of frothy, fragrant bubbles and releases cocoa butter into the bath water. You will leave the tub feeling soft, relaxed, and decadent.


Anhoki's Place
OMG! I can not adequately express to you just HOW awesome this creme is. It is absolutely magnifique!!! I added a K-I-L-L-E-R blend of Amber, Sandalwood and Vanilla. This is, like, the queen of all cremes. I actually lost track of time while making this creme. I didn't realize how long I had taken to incorporate the first phase of this creme and actually had to set a timer for myself. I could have played with this formula all day long. It was such a dream to make. A love affair has begun. This creme and I are one.


Faerie Made's limited edition interpretation of Autumn. This is the time of year when the humidity lessens in the air and the grass starts getting dry and the leaves on the trees start turning. Walking in a field near the woods as my feet crush the blades of grass and there is still enough warmth from the sun to allow the final scents of harvest to peek through here and there. It isn't much, just a hint. Summer has worked its magic and now we are reaping the benefits.

This blend of Amyris (West Indian sandalwood) and Cedarwood, is teased with lavender and orange essential oils. Vanillin, local honey from Green Goddess Farms and fresh goat milk from 3 Graces Dairy is combined to provide the sweetness of the harvest.

Only available once a year, and in limited numbers so get it while you can.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

two new etsy listings

quantum of solace .... a measure of comfort for all skins. four gentle soaps.

quartet of citrus
...four sunny soap bars built around bright citrus oil blends.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

members everywhere!!

we've been overwhelmed with applications lately!
we feel very popular!

in order to retain the integrity of the team we are taking a little break from accepting new members at this stage.
the team has grown faster than we imagined only six months!
we wish to keep the standard of our product high and our members participating as much as possible.
stay tuned for more details!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

new florals from SOAPSTORE

I just debuted 3 new spring scents (floral) and this one is fast becoming a favorite of mine:

Black Orchid & Lilly
The scent is intoxicating, exotic, rich & aromatic but not sickening or overpowering. It's light enough to just make all of your senses happy, happy, happy. I waft in the delicate aroma of this bar all day long....everytime I walk by the soap racks. I've gotten rave reviews from the customers who have tried this one already. One recent customer said, "My New Black Orchid & Lily Handmade Soap Fragrance is Fabulously Sexy ! ! !" I do believe she's right about that.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ANHOKI'S best seller.....

Here, hold my beer! Don't ya just love it when your guy says that!?!? Hahahaha! When he comes in from a day out with his "boys" and is smelling a touch less than fresh show him the beer basket. He won't smell like a girl and it isn't froo-froo. Everyone has to bathe. When he experiences all the bubbles this soap has to offer all the anger and confusion he is experiencing due to misguided thoughts of "how can one "waste" beer in soap" will all vanish and he will be in love forever......Trust me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

really truly SUPER bad! for him!


Super Bad for Him.

If you explain to him that it is "Super Bad for Him" he will probably want to use it. Heh-heh.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Cantaloupe & Strawberries Handmade Soap

This is the most realistic food shaped soap I've ever personally seen. If I didn't know any better myself (because I'm the one who made it), I would swear that it's real. It smells exactly like cantaloupe and the strawberries are life sized and can be taken out individually. You'll be tempted to eat this one, but DON'T!

editor's note: this is the MADDEST, MOST REALISTIC food soap i've ever seen too!
great fun!
lissa, is this all a one-piece mould or do you assemble it, strawberry by strawberry?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Anhoki's Place

Anhoki's Draught Body Wash

Here, hold my beer! Don't ya just love it when your guy says that!?!? Hahahaha! Now you can say it to him. When he comes in from a day out with his "boys" and is smelling a touch less than fresh toss him a bottle of Guinness body wash and tell him "here, hold my beer".

This body wash is made with Aloe juice, Guinness beer, Canola and Coconut oils. It's unscented so he won't complain about "smelling like a girl".

Monday, May 26, 2008

luscious NEW STUFF

Carmel Soaps

One of my new listings: Karma (type) Hemp Body Butter
This is one of my bestselling body butters off of etsy. It glides on soooo smooth and makes your skin feel silky and soft.
The scent is awesome.
People actually stop to ask what I'm wearing.
My mom (62) loves it.
I love it (40) shhhh.
My daughter 12 does too.
And it's also available in gorgeous straight patchouli and unscented.

wotcha got? new stuff!!

Super Bad

Flower Brooch

For some reason, this reminds me of those elusive girl scout badges. I don't consider myself a lazy person, but man, those patches were HARD to earn. My sash was kind of bare...

Anyway, this sweet pin is 1" by 1" made of fused glass (in the Casa de Bad garage).

Turquoise with white daisy-esque bloom. Super strong industrial glue holds the backing to the glass.

This talisman is infused with eau de power and essence of persuasion. Wear it to your annual review or car shopping to get the best deal!

(tee-hee! just kidding about that--it's totally untested for supernatural powers...)

Friday, May 23, 2008

banishing negativity wth......FRAGRANTSOUL

1. what is your etsy shop name and link?
Fragrant Soul

2. what is your favourite item in there right now? and why?
and link!

Purification and Banishing Negativity Spray

I have been making this product for several years, and love the scent as well as the ritual aspect of using the spray. It has been a long standing favorite of my clients and is something I use in my meditations and rituals. It just smells divine and the blend of sage, sweetgrass and cedar instantly grounds and centers me.

3. what are your favourite ingredients and why?
I really enjoy working with essential oils, especially concretes and absolutes of exotic or hard to find scents. I adore cocoa absolute and Turkish rose otto as single notes. Having these oils makes creating custom perfume blends fun and provides a unique experience for both myself and my clients.

4. what inspires you?
Inspiration comes to me in many forms. My husband inspires me with his musical creativity and talent, authors inspire me with their words. My dogs inspire me with their open and genuine unconditional love. Friends inspire me with their humor and constant support.

5. what is your best-seller?

My Purification and Banishing Negativity Spray is my best seller.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

new soaps at patti flynn's etsy shop

wots new?

bannik: clays. lemon oil. geranium oil. fir oil.
lurking in your russian bathhouse is a sprite: the bannik.
he likes to spy upon you while you bathe, particularly if you are extra cute. traditionally he is distracted with gifts of soap and fir branches.
this very soap is his favourite....

perihelion: mungalli creek yoghurt. orange oil. spearmint oil.
on the whole, things ended badly for poor icarus.
we think he should have simply stayed in crete, and had a long hot bath with a bar of this sunny and delicious soap, rather than attempt his own personal perihelion.

limerance: jordanian dead sea mud. geranium oil. lavender oil.
we all know what limerance feels like: the mad heady, intoxicating, wild, infatuated rush of new love.
that is exactly how this soap makes us feel.
and this soap will never run off with our best friend, take us for granted, or break our hearts.

taniwha: basil oil. lemon myrtle oil. lemongrass oil.
wherever there is a body of water in nz, you will find the powerful taniwha; a fierce & scary guardian of the lakes, rivers, waterfalls.
he lurks amongst the greenstone boulders and beneath the blue-green ferns.
this is his soap.

Copyright 2002 – 08 ©: Patti Flynn, Soapmaker.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

hanging out with SUPERBAD

1. what is your etsy shop name and link?

2. what is your favourite item in there right now? and why?
and link!

I am currently in love with Bonita Loca. She's craaaaaazy! But charming and lovable.
Here is she is in scrub form: Lemony, minty, boozy with a slice of apple to sweeten. Summery & delish!

3. what are your favourite ingredients and why?
My skin adores grapeseed oil. It's so light & my current supply is a beautiful kiwi green. I'm also quite fond of jojoba, but it just looks like oil, kwim?

4. what inspires you?
ANYthing & EVERYthing has the potential to inspire me. Somewhere along the way, I learned to look for the potential in everything. "What else can I use this for???" is the number one thing I ask myself. I remember asking my mom for the labels from Beechnut Baby Food jars because they had cute little animal mamas & babies on the labels. I took the labels off & cut the pictures out & made a book.

If you learn to look at things from a new perspective, you can find beauty from the inside out.

"...Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

5. what is your best-seller?
My blend "Holidays on a Pirate Ship" is my best seller. People like pirates. And it smells good.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

cleaning up with......CLEANBRIGHT

1. what is your etsy shop name and link?

2. what is your favourite item in there right now? and why?
and link!

It's a toss up between my Secret Temple natural perfume oil and my Rooibos Chai Tea . The Secret Temple is a delicious, sensuous blend of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli and I love to wear it. My Rooibos Chai tea because even my husband will drink it! I have a hard time with caffeine, and because this is caffeine-free, I can drink it with no problems. It's a spicy, warming chai tea with all the anti-oxidant benefits of African Rooibos.

3. what are your favourite ingredients and why?
My favourite ingredients in general have to be essential oils. I have so much fun blending them, and I always feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing when I work with them. For soaps, my favourite ingredients (besides essential oils) would have to be olive oil and shea butter. I love how my skin feels after using a soap with high percentages of them. For natural perfumes, I love to use fractionated coconut oil as a base, as it's water clear so you can appreciate the colour of the essential oils and absolutes I use, and it has next to no scent of it's own so it doesn't compete with the eo's I use. And for teas my hands-down favourite ingredient is Rooibos - caffeine-free and contains more anti-oxidants than green tea.

4. what inspires you?
Many things inspire me. When creating new products, I usually find inspiration in ancient history and mythos. I also find inspiration in the natural world around me, and my children with their unending curiosity about everything!

5. what is your best-seller?
My top seller on Etsy is my Chocolate Toffee Rooibos Tea Something that sells really well locally (which I can make a reserved listing on Etsy as well) is my Custom-blended Natural Perfume oil.

Monday, May 12, 2008

tickling the feet of.......FAERIEMADE

1. what is your etsy shop name and link?

2. what is your favourite item in there right now? and why?
and link!

my favorite item? EVERYTHING, of course. but actually at the moment I am really happy with my natural perfumes because I love making them. I can't wait to get back to formulating different blends.

oh and my Ostara soap which is the newest soap in the line, it has been a huge seller:

3. what are your favourite ingredients and why?

essential oils and absolutes make me happy. they are so amazing. combining them into different blends for soaps and then making perfumes out of them. then also, they are more than just for scent, as they help with mood, healing and on and on.

i also really like unrefined shea butter. i love how it works for moisturizing, but also how nicely it works on cuts, pregnant tummies, surgical scars, and other skin complaints. i am not making medical claims, but i do see it.

4. what inspires you?


5. what is your best-seller?
soaps, muscle rub, lip balms, perfumes and shea butters.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

talking with....ANHOKI

1. what is your etsy shop name and link?
Anhoki's Place
Bunnie's Workshop

2. what is your favourite item in there right now? and why?
and link!
I adore all of my products but my current b&b favorite is my Earthly Child Soap. The recipe I use for this soap provides amazing bubbles, moisture galore and the aroma is amazing.

My favorite jewelry piece is the bastardized bracelet I make. I have been wearing one for over 2 yrs and have never taken it off. I love it.

3. what are your favourite ingredients and why?
Oh wow! Coconut milk has to be one of my all time favorites. Amazing in lotion. Spectacular in soap...amazing. It's extremely versatile.

4. what inspires you?
Life inspires me. different seasons bring different inspirations. Moods. My children, my husband. An afternoon of feeding the ducks with my girls. Coffee with my mom on a Spring day. Dinner with my husband. Everything.

5. what is your best-seller?
It's a tie between my salt bars (my close friend uses them for her combination skin) and beer soap.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5 fast questions for SOAPSTORE

1. what is your etsy shop name and link?

2. what is your favourite item in there right now? and why?
and link!

Natural Vegan Deodorant - Vegetable Protein - for ladies
I've been using this deodorant for the past month and just LOVE it. It controls odor FAR better than any store bought deodorant that I've ever tried. Plus, the combination of essential oils that I used in this one smells fantastic! I will never, ever go back to deodorants that contain talc & aluminum.

3. what are your favourite ingredients and why?

It's a toss up between Rice Bran Oil and Palm. I'd have to go with Palm for my favorite though, because it adds to the hardness of the bar, which prolongs it's life and it helps to stabilize the creamy lather. Plus, when combined with just the right other raw materials, I can get that perfectly whipped/sculptured top on the logs, because palm oil adds to stiffness.

4. what inspires you?

Other people. My family, friends, fellow vendors at my summer market, other soapers.....and nature. I see ideas all around me, everywhere I look. Just walking outside my front door into the back yard where my soap shack is located, I draw inspiration from the trees, flowers, plants, bushes, wild-life, the smells all around me. And when I look at the people in my life, they inspire me to be better than I was yesterday.

5. what is your best-seller?

My best seller, hands down, is my pine tar soap. It's the least attractive and doesn't smell that great because of the high % of pine tar that I use, but it works like magic. I've lost count on how many loyal customers I have now that depend on my pine tar soap to keep their skin conditions in check. Everything from eczema, sebhorea, psoriasis and poison ivy, to bug bites, bee stings, chafing & rashes.....all have benefitted greatly from the exclusive use of my pine tar soaps. I even have a dermatologist now who recommends it to his patients.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

lavenders blue dilly dilly, lavenders green....

Sea Sprite Soaps
Tassi Lavender (or Tasmanian Lavender, as it's known in New Zealand) is a beautifully sassy take on traditional lavender. Its uplifting, sweetly herbaceous scent has a crisp and airy balsamic-woodsy undertone. This fragrance is wonderful for calming and relaxing the mind and spirit. The soap's pretty purple and white swirls and abundant, creamy lather make it a treat for all of your senses.

Love a true, herbal lavender? Look no further! This one smells like you've just gathered a handful of fresh lavender from your herb garden! Relax and unwind with this lavender lover's delight.


It just doesn't get any more lavender than this! From lavender-infused olive oil to pure lavender essential oil and ground lavender buds for exfoliation, this soap is for the unabashed lavender lover in you!!

Lavender, lovely lavender. Made with real coconut milk this lotion is down right luxurious. You can apply this lotion wash your hands 9 times and still have soft hands. I know...I've done it.

The relaxing and soothing fragrance of Lavender filling the room, candles flickering, and your favorite song playing while you soak in a soothing bath.This cupcake is scented with relaxing Lavender essential oil and sprinkled with real lavender buds.


Bond Girls: After a long day of decoding secret messages, photographing documents with your lipstick camera and seducing foreign dignitaries, a girl like you could use a relaxing bath with this exquisite lavender scent.


A lovely Aussie pink clay bar. This blend lingers on your skin after showering and it's so floral and pretty.

Deep, earthy and heavy on the bergamot, please!
Essential oils of bergamot, bulgarian lavender, vetiver and patchouli for grounding.

If you think you don't like patchouli this blend will surprise you. If you are already a fan of it, you will love it!

Ingredients: Distilled water, coconut milk, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sodium hydroxide, olive oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil, essential oils of lavender, bergamot fcf, vetiver and patchouli.

Sweet, herbal Bulgarian Lavender with skin-softening oats.

Lavender Fields Cold Process Soap. Calming, soothing, relaxing lavender. This is one of our top selling handmade soaps. Made with pure french lavender essential oil and ground lavender buds. All vegetable based formula. Lavender Essential Oil has long been used for it's aromatic fragrance is soaps, shampoos & sachets for scenting clothes. Lavender Essential Oil produces calming, soothing & sedative effects.

editor's pick for absolutely groovy presentaion!

Kristys Lovely Lathers

Smells just like Lavender, made with fragrance oil.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

indie path indieviews

the indie path blog is interviewing members of the soaper stars this week, all week:
check em out!

Monday, April 7, 2008

spotlight on......KIKKO soapworks

1. tell us your name and give us the link to your etsy store.
Kikko Soapworks

2. where do you live and what do you particularly like about the area?
I live just outside the nation's capital of Ottawa in Kemptville, ON. I love living out in the country but really close to a major city.

3. what do you sell and why is it fabulous? give us a link to your top pick from your shop right now.
I sell handmade soaps, scrubs, melts. Everything is fabulous but my sugar scrub is my favourite. It is thick & creamy and leaves your skin moisturized. Ultimate pampering plus it smells like chocolate!

4. who are your favourite etsy sellers? links please!
Here are some of my fellow sellers:

5. what do you like about etsy?

I love the creativity and diversity of all the items for sale.

april in paris

this month's themed challenge:
april in paris
one of my favourite april poems:

APRIL, April,
Laugh thy girlish laughter;
Then, the moment after,
Weep thy girlish tears!
April, that mine ears
Like a lover greetest,
If I tell thee, sweetest,
All my hopes and fears,
April, April,
Laugh thy golden laughter,
But, the moment after,
Weep thy golden tears!

William Watson

with no further ado, here is a list of offerings from our romantic soaper stars.
soaps, scrubs, pendants, perfumes.....get some april goodness into your life.


Grab your sweater, flip flops, that special someone and head out for a brisk stroll to the farmers market. You came to the market for something special. Where is it? THERE...You found it. You pick it up and embrace the aroma of fresh cut flowers, baskets of fresh picked fruits....greens. It's fruity but floral. Very aromatic. Buy two and bring one to your mom. Ahhhh....April in Paris.


This intoxicating blend was inspired by love. Intoxicating and sensual yet soft and sweet. This perfume is a complex blend of black pepper,vetiver, patchouli, tangerine, violets, apricot, mango, pomegranate and so much more....

kikko soapworks:

Inspired by the French marketplace in the spring time, I created a face masque that gently cleanses and nourishes your skin. Scented with an essential oil blend of rose, frankincense, lavender, rosewood, geranium and ylang ylang.

Super Bad:
"French Model Breakfast: A bit of crusty baguette, a demitasse of black French Roast & a fresh pack of cigarettes. Intriguing, wearable and obscenely chic."

Inspired by springtime in paris....this pendant has a wonderful pattern of springtime leaves antiqued in black acrylic paint on a soft pink polymer clay.

Imagine driving along the melon fields of France and the lingering aroma of the Cavaillon Melon entices you. Smaller than a cantalope with brilliant orange flesh and smooth pale yellow-green skin with greenish ribs. Intoxicating.


gentle warming sunshine enhances the herbs and flowers as they begin their annual journey.

just in time for Spring, enjoy walking in the warmth of the sun smelling the daffodils in full bloom. This limited edition all-vegetable sugar scrub exfoliates dry winter skin.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

spotlight on......AMORI

1. tell us your name and give us the link to your etsy store.
2. where do you live and what do you particularly like about the area?
I currently live in Florida on the Atlantic coast. I really love the winters! I'm only 15 mins from the beach.
3. what do you sell and why is it fabulous? give us a link to your top pick from your shop right now.
Right now I am only making soap. I have put lotions and other items on hold. My favorite item in my etsy shop right now would be my Amber and Patchouli soap. I love the creamy lather, and the scent is so sexy!

4. who are your favourite etsy sellers? links please!

5. what do you like about etsy?

I like etsy because all of the items are handmade and there are so many talented artisans and crafters to choose from.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Soap Store I was never a fan of patchouli until I made this soap. It's a lovely blend of west indian patchouli, sweet orange and ylang ylang essential oils. This combination of therapeutic essential oils blend so nicely together and compliment one another perfectly.

Patchouli Red Soap features pure patchouli essential oil. It's marbled with a touch of red Australian clay. No synthetic fragrances or colors in this vegan beauty -- just earthy patchouli goodness!

Golden Sage Deep, earthy patchouli mixed with a hint of cardamom and vanilla essential oils are combined for scent and real cream is added to the soap for a soothing bathing experience. Warm, sultry, earthy ... yum!

Anhoki's Place
This bar is the epitome of a sexy man. This bar smells amazing! It is a vegan bar with a combination of Atlas Cedarwood, Clove, and Patchouli essential oils and Oakmoss fragrance oil.

Purely Patchouli: A timeless classic for the free spirit in all of us. Patchouli essential oil soap with mocha swirls is chock full of goatmilk, tussah silk, and shea butter.

A drop dead sexy blend, made up of sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, rose, and black pepper. If the Wicked Queen from Snow White wanted to take a decadent shower, this is the soap she'd use.

Friday, March 14, 2008

name change

the team has just changed their name from
the etsy soap dish street team

short, snappy, memorable, fun.

what's in it for you?
well, same great product....same great service....same great prices!

to easily find soaper star products at etsy, simply search soaper star team ----> tags; titles.
PAGES of goodies will magically appear.

or, try this link.

Monday, March 10, 2008

easter is coming and a girl needs chocolate!

a quote from seinfeld:
You're a portly fellow. A bit long in the waistband. So what's your pleasure? Is it the salty snacks you crave? No no no no... Yours is a sweet tooth. Oh, you may stray, but you'll always return to your dark master... The cocoa bean! And only the purest syrup nectar can satisfy you. If you could, you'd guzzle it by the gallon... Ovaltine!? Hershey's!? Nestle's Quick!?"

the etsy soapdish team adores chocolate also and here are the goods to prove it.
for your dark delicious pleasssssssssssurrrrrrrrre:

Chocolate Layer Bubble Bath Cupcake

Remember that delicious candy garden in Willy Wonka? How many of you wished you could swim in that chocolate river? I know I did! With this bubble bath cupcake you will be bathing in dark rich, moist chocolate cake with thick, creamy fudge icing. All the smells, but none of the goo. Cupcake fills your tub with lots of frothy, fragrant bubbles and releases cocoa butter into the bath water. You will leave the tub feeling soft, relaxed, and decadent.

Mint Green Tea soap
Silky to touch, boasting with antioxident-containing green tea, this all-natural soap is a must. Steeped green tea is added to the recipe, as well as crushed leaves for a mild exfoliating effect. Peppermint essential oil compliments the stripe of dark chocolate and is tempting to eat but not recommended.

This is one of the vendor's all time favorites...

Made with Real Dark Chocolate Powder and Peppermint Essential oil.... This smells just like my favorite candy, Peppermint Patty. This soap has a rich, creamy lather. Looks and smells good enough to eat!

Hot Chocolate Bath Bomb

Mmmmm, chocolate. Treat yourself - soak with this fizzy and decadent bath bomb, with no calories!
Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Buttermilk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Avacado Oil, Polysorbate 20, Fragrance, Colorant

Mint Chocolate Rooibos Looseleaf Tea

Tastes just like a peppermint patty - delicious! This caffeine-free herbal tea is loaded with anti-oxidants, found both in the rooibos tea and the dark chocolate. Perfect for after supper when you have a bit of a sweet tooth but don't want to eat dessert.
Ingredients: organic rooibos, organic peppermint, dark chocolate, and cocoa.

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate
It's a deep, dark and sinful scent. Full of decadence and self indulgence.
Made as always with the most finest of ingredients.
Loaded with cocoa butter and colored with cocoa.

Here's my chocolate. My daughter Katie helped me make this one. She is 6 and loves coffee and chocolate. In small amounts of course. This is her favorite to date.

guiltless chocolate therapy scrub

a simple scrub that is as rich and creamy as the most decadent dark chocolate truffle.

dark chocolate soap
the scent is chocolate. pure, rich, dark chocolate. like brownies, right out of the oven. except these brownies bubble and clean!

hot chocolate soy candle:

This reminds me of coming indoors after a cold wintery day and warming up with a steaming mug of deliciously sweet hot cocoa! And the best part is that this delectable chocolate indulgence has zero calories.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


1. tell us your name and give us the link to your etsy store.
Gina AKA SwansAcresSoap

2. where do you live and what do you particularly like about the area?

I live in central Ohio, on my own little mini-farm, in my DREAM house. I love it here! Sure, December and January are freezing, and February is the greyest, cruddiest month you can imagine, but springtime is stunningly gorgeous, as is fall. My parents are in the state, and as they grow older I find it really important to stay closer by.

3. what do you sell and why is it fabulous? give us a link to your top pick from your shop right now.

I sell soaps that are fabulous because I take great care to make them so! I use essential oils blended for *just* the right fragrance, and color only with natural colorants like herbs, spices, and clays. Mostly they're fabulous because making them makes me happy, and that shines through in each bar. They're not going to work miracles--they're soap--but they'll clean you beautifully while making your shower smell like an absolute dream. Here's a link to my best seller. It's a blend of ylang ylang, lavender, sweet orange, and rosemary. Everyone who smells it loves it. It's floral but not too girlie, and it's a little sweet but tart at the same time. Just like me! TOP PICK

4. who are your favourite etsy sellers? links please!

There are so many! I'll give you my top five, how about that?
Aroma Artisan (one of the most talented noses in the perfume biz)
Xiztance (can a girl ever have too much beautiful maille jewelry?)
Robandlean (OMG. That's all I can say)
HauteHookedDesigns (I'm a sucker for a cute scarflette!)
TurtlePapers ('cause anyone who knows me knows I'm nuts for paper!)
CozySister (lovely, lovely jewelry and a truly nice seller!)

OK.....six. But then I'll stop. Promise!
Selene (I LOVE these!)

5. what do you like about etsy?
I like Etsy because no matter what mood I'm in, I can find something to spend my money on! :D Having a place where I can indulge my desire to buy handmade items from super talented people is wonderful, just wonderful.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


the etsy soapdish team has come up with some "green"-themed goodies for your consideration in march....the month of spring and new growth and fresh grass and shamrocks and all things irish....

from awomanwithscents:
Herbal, yet slightly floral, this aromatic rustic-finish candle is sure to delight your senses!

from EastCoastTropics:
Hand-woven Lauhala Gift Basket filled with one green Island Wahine Aloha Soap bar, one 4oz bottle of Island Wahine Hand & Body Lotion and one fluffy green Bath Poof.

from Xistance:
This is a lovely and delicate piece, woven in rings that are made from 20 gauge wire. Very light to wear. The crystals catch the light and reflect it back, you will dazzle everyone you meet!

from EastCoastTropics:
Made with the island woman in mind, this light blend of Tuberose, Gardenia and Jasmine florals makes this soap truly unforgettable!
Colorful, Hawaii-inspired Aloha Soaps! Handmade from scratch using the Oven Hot Process method. Oils used in Aloha Soaps: Olive, Coconut, Macadamia Nut, Kukui Nut and Castor.

from SuperBad:
Creamy, amazing scrub. Tart, perky scent with a soft dry-down. Yuzu with a chartreuse blush.

from nordeasoaperie:
a refreshing blend of lime and other citrus fruits with hints of rose and patchouli.

from cleanbright:
This green tea blend is made with organic ingredients, so it's good for you and the earth!

from SwanAcresSoaps:
Named hierba because green *is* my herb garden. Scented wih sweet basil, rosemary, hints of wintery fir needle, and cedarwood.

and SwanAcresSoaps again:
Green, fresh, and gorgeous--this soap positively shouts SPRING!

from Savonara:
Mint Leaf Soap, a fresh brisk bar with the fragrance of juniper and mint in a trio of clean green hues.

from Seaspritesoaps:

from SoapStore:
Allegro is a blend of lime, basil and black pepper essential oils. I used australian olive clay, australian black clay and mint green ultramarine oxide for all the coloring.

and SoapStore again:
Aloe Vera is a very simple soap made with my usual base and some added aloe butter. French green clay for the color and a touch of australian olive clay.

from magichands:
This bar smells *exactly* like a margarita. You might not be able to take the day off and have a cold frosty drink under a cabana at the beach, but you can daydream about it in the shower.

magichands again:
A lovely refreshing lime scent, nice and sweet with no bitter edge.

from tworiversoaps:
My lime green Margarita soap has a cool, crisp lime margarita scent with a hint of salt. Muy refrescante!

from southernpleasures:
Enjoy this fruity infusion of sweet and never tart limes mixed with sugar.

from Anhoki:
Handcrafted in smaller batches to insure quality this salt bar is made with coconut, sunflower and neem well as lanolin and other skin loving oils. We used a blend of european, dead sea and mineral salts.

Anhoki again:
Wrapped in stainless steel this bracelet is made of large Aventurine cubes and Tiger Eye. This bracelet is 7.75 inches in length

and here is a link to a whole heap of other gorgeous green-themed products.
grab them while they are.....coooool.

Monday, February 11, 2008

spotlight on......

1. tell us your name and the name of your etsy shop.
Melissa (a.k.a. sonshine) etsy shoppe is

2. where do you live and what do you like about it?

Living in NC is marvelous, especially as a former Yankee winter skies are dark and gray but not so here! I love not being sunshine deprived!

3. What do I like about Etsy?
Wow - seeing the talent, creativity, and hearts of the artisans who soap, mold, cut, sew, blend, brush, bead, and throw their wares. There's such satisfaction looking at a project, understanding what knowledge and craft went into the final product. Art appreciation at it's best!

4. what do you sell and why is it amazing?
For the moment, I sell soap, but am branching out to scrubs and perfumes. What's amazing is that oil + lye + water = soap every time! The wonder of it all truly is amazing! I personally credit God for giving me the talent and creativity to put it all together.

5. who are some of your favourite sellers on etsy? and give me links, please.

Having favorite sellers on Etsy is a bit like taking water out of water! I love - I got a soap in a swap and it's wonderful! is another great link - love the way the soaps look!
Thanks for the feature and for all of your hard work. What I love the most about the Dish is everyone is a balcony person and there are few basement people, meaning so many are extending their hand down to bring up the other and very few dishers use their hands to push others down.

6. Etsy mini:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

spotlight on....

1. tell us your name and the name of your etsy shop.

I am Amy H. Kalinchuk, M.A. My etsy:

2. where do you live and what do you like about it?

I live in Denver, Colorado. I like the mountain views and the relatively mild weather here. I also have a ton of friends who are wonderful and don't suck my energy.

3. what do you sell and why is it amazing?

In my etsy shop, I will sell sewed items, such as the zipper pouches that are featured there right now. I may sell my soaps ( at various times. I am enjoying the sewing right now--this is my "fun" outlet. I am pricing things to make money, as I don't see the point in having something for sale if I'm not going to make a decent profit. I will, however, continue to sell things on etsy--it's a great marketplace. I've sold several books already,and I hope to have my first crafty sale soon.

The items I sew are amazing because of the fabrics, and because I actually did something fun for a change, instead of working 800 jobs. I am very overworked. Therefore, they are also amazing because they exist. *snorts at self*

4. what do you like about etsy?

I like the elegant feel of etsy, and that the community there truly supports buying handmade. The people who shop there value handmade goods, which is good for everyone's business. I also like how big it is--it comes up on google searches all the time! That is also good for business.

5. who are some of your favourite sellers on etsy? and give me links

Keys and Memories



Monday, January 28, 2008


1. tell us your name and the name of your etsy shop and give us the link.
Hi! I'm Julie & have the Casa de Super Bad Boutique

2. where do you live and what do you like about it?
I live in Taylor, Texas--about an hour east of Austin. This is my husband's hometown. Every since we got together, he's wanted to move back here. I was always resistant...But...I'm here and I like it quite a bit. It's small town, not quite as progressive as I'd like, but that's okay. Our house was built in the 20s & have a large lot with a zillion trees. You can hear the train from across town. It's really quite charming, even if EVERYONE knows what's going on in my life before I do. Ha!

3. what do you sell and why is it amazing?
Casa de Super Bad was initially created to showcase my glasswork--traditional stained glass, fused pieces and mosaics. But I decided on making it a boutique and sell my b&b along with the glass. I strive to offer unusual scents in fabulous products. I love pretty, quirky, wonderful and crazy stuff. I have lots of ideas. Keep checking the shop & see what's new!

4. what do you like about etsy?

I could shop all day on etsy...I am amazed by the diversity of artists and lots of pretty, quirky, wonderful and crazy stuff there.
5. who are some of your favourite sellers on etsy? links! links! links!

Check it out! Crazy stuff~~~

6. show us your etsy!

super bad at rare bird finds blog.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


1. tell us your name and the name of your etsy shop and give us the link.

Kelly Pint
True Vine Soap

2. where do you live and what do you like about it?

I live in Iowa. After living in the desert of CA for four years, I'm grateful for four seasons, green grass, and trees. I love the Farmer's Markets, the fact that we have wild herbs here, and it's a good place to raise our children.. soon to be all seven of them.

3. what do you sell and why is it amazing?

My Etsy has soaps in it right now that I happened to have on hand. I'm on my first listings yet. But what I love most about my soap is that it's just an extension of my first love which is herbs. I've been into herbs for quite a few years and really soaping was just one more way for me to utilize them. I live to infuse herbs, we use them medicinally in our home, and there are always jars of oil and jars of alcohol with herbs soaking in them. I love that my children think it's fairly normal to use Daddy's cough syrup and Mama's butters than the stuff that comes from the store. So, my stuff is amazing because of the years of herbal research that has gone into them.

4. what do you like about etsy?

It generally draws a customer that is willing to recognize there is value in something that is handcrafted and unique and they are willing to pay a little more for something that isn't mass produced in some factory over in China.

5. who are some of your favourite sellers on etsy? and give me links

Obviously with our large family and me being a SAHMama we don't spend a lot of extra money. So I can't tell you who I'm a customer of, but I can tell you whose things I drool over the most. Magic Hands, I love your soaps. And Cavendish, oh my! Gorgeous stuff and photography. And there is another maker over there, I don't know if she's a disher? BLSoaps - love the labels on her lip balms. Honestly, I'm starting to enjoy looking at the marketing and photography angles more and more, rather than just the product.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

etsy mini!

this took me ages to set up....but isn't it beautiful!! and aren't you all terrifyingly clever!
i'll rotate it every few days.

magic hands etsy mini!

Friday, January 18, 2008

official etsy thread


who are we and what are we doing?

Our goal is turn people on to the delights of top-quality, boutique, handmade, personalized bath & body to promote other crafts produced by our members.

Our membership is composed of long-time contributing members to the largest, fastest-growing, most vibrant B&B community on the web. Many of our members have established, thriving, reputable businesses outside of etsy and wish to bring some of that flair and entrepreneurial action to the table. We've been supporting each other with information and resources for some years now. We are already a strong and cohesive group with a focus on excellent, safe, high-quality bath and body products.

Soap Dish members have decades of collective experience and have been part of an active forum that has been in existence for more than 5 years. Our home forum not only facilitates members by networking about business practices, supplier relationships, tips and techniques, but also helps educate members about potential unsafe practices in our business while encouraging members to educate their customers about safe bath & body products. All interaction is designed to improve our individual products and to promote the idea that using carefully thought-out and crafted products, made with exceptional ingredients, not only makes sense for our bodies but also helps to support artisan craftspeople the world over.