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Monday, February 11, 2008

spotlight on......

1. tell us your name and the name of your etsy shop.
Melissa (a.k.a. sonshine) etsy shoppe is

2. where do you live and what do you like about it?

Living in NC is marvelous, especially as a former Yankee winter skies are dark and gray but not so here! I love not being sunshine deprived!

3. What do I like about Etsy?
Wow - seeing the talent, creativity, and hearts of the artisans who soap, mold, cut, sew, blend, brush, bead, and throw their wares. There's such satisfaction looking at a project, understanding what knowledge and craft went into the final product. Art appreciation at it's best!

4. what do you sell and why is it amazing?
For the moment, I sell soap, but am branching out to scrubs and perfumes. What's amazing is that oil + lye + water = soap every time! The wonder of it all truly is amazing! I personally credit God for giving me the talent and creativity to put it all together.

5. who are some of your favourite sellers on etsy? and give me links, please.

Having favorite sellers on Etsy is a bit like taking water out of water! I love - I got a soap in a swap and it's wonderful! is another great link - love the way the soaps look!
Thanks for the feature and for all of your hard work. What I love the most about the Dish is everyone is a balcony person and there are few basement people, meaning so many are extending their hand down to bring up the other and very few dishers use their hands to push others down.

6. Etsy mini:

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