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Friday, May 30, 2008


Cantaloupe & Strawberries Handmade Soap

This is the most realistic food shaped soap I've ever personally seen. If I didn't know any better myself (because I'm the one who made it), I would swear that it's real. It smells exactly like cantaloupe and the strawberries are life sized and can be taken out individually. You'll be tempted to eat this one, but DON'T!

editor's note: this is the MADDEST, MOST REALISTIC food soap i've ever seen too!
great fun!
lissa, is this all a one-piece mould or do you assemble it, strawberry by strawberry?


  1. Nope, these are 2 molds. 1 deep cavity cantaloupe and 12 individual life-sized strawberries. You can remove the strawberries one at a time. I never thought I'd get into making food shaped soaps, but I gotta tell ya, I'm having a blast doing it and my customers are just beside themselves with the realistic look & smell of these type of soaps.