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Friday, May 23, 2008

banishing negativity wth......FRAGRANTSOUL

1. what is your etsy shop name and link?
Fragrant Soul

2. what is your favourite item in there right now? and why?
and link!

Purification and Banishing Negativity Spray

I have been making this product for several years, and love the scent as well as the ritual aspect of using the spray. It has been a long standing favorite of my clients and is something I use in my meditations and rituals. It just smells divine and the blend of sage, sweetgrass and cedar instantly grounds and centers me.

3. what are your favourite ingredients and why?
I really enjoy working with essential oils, especially concretes and absolutes of exotic or hard to find scents. I adore cocoa absolute and Turkish rose otto as single notes. Having these oils makes creating custom perfume blends fun and provides a unique experience for both myself and my clients.

4. what inspires you?
Inspiration comes to me in many forms. My husband inspires me with his musical creativity and talent, authors inspire me with their words. My dogs inspire me with their open and genuine unconditional love. Friends inspire me with their humor and constant support.

5. what is your best-seller?

My Purification and Banishing Negativity Spray is my best seller.

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