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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5 fast questions for SOAPSTORE

1. what is your etsy shop name and link?

2. what is your favourite item in there right now? and why?
and link!

Natural Vegan Deodorant - Vegetable Protein - for ladies
I've been using this deodorant for the past month and just LOVE it. It controls odor FAR better than any store bought deodorant that I've ever tried. Plus, the combination of essential oils that I used in this one smells fantastic! I will never, ever go back to deodorants that contain talc & aluminum.

3. what are your favourite ingredients and why?

It's a toss up between Rice Bran Oil and Palm. I'd have to go with Palm for my favorite though, because it adds to the hardness of the bar, which prolongs it's life and it helps to stabilize the creamy lather. Plus, when combined with just the right other raw materials, I can get that perfectly whipped/sculptured top on the logs, because palm oil adds to stiffness.

4. what inspires you?

Other people. My family, friends, fellow vendors at my summer market, other soapers.....and nature. I see ideas all around me, everywhere I look. Just walking outside my front door into the back yard where my soap shack is located, I draw inspiration from the trees, flowers, plants, bushes, wild-life, the smells all around me. And when I look at the people in my life, they inspire me to be better than I was yesterday.

5. what is your best-seller?

My best seller, hands down, is my pine tar soap. It's the least attractive and doesn't smell that great because of the high % of pine tar that I use, but it works like magic. I've lost count on how many loyal customers I have now that depend on my pine tar soap to keep their skin conditions in check. Everything from eczema, sebhorea, psoriasis and poison ivy, to bug bites, bee stings, chafing & rashes.....all have benefitted greatly from the exclusive use of my pine tar soaps. I even have a dermatologist now who recommends it to his patients.

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