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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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bannik: clays. lemon oil. geranium oil. fir oil.
lurking in your russian bathhouse is a sprite: the bannik.
he likes to spy upon you while you bathe, particularly if you are extra cute. traditionally he is distracted with gifts of soap and fir branches.
this very soap is his favourite....

perihelion: mungalli creek yoghurt. orange oil. spearmint oil.
on the whole, things ended badly for poor icarus.
we think he should have simply stayed in crete, and had a long hot bath with a bar of this sunny and delicious soap, rather than attempt his own personal perihelion.

limerance: jordanian dead sea mud. geranium oil. lavender oil.
we all know what limerance feels like: the mad heady, intoxicating, wild, infatuated rush of new love.
that is exactly how this soap makes us feel.
and this soap will never run off with our best friend, take us for granted, or break our hearts.

taniwha: basil oil. lemon myrtle oil. lemongrass oil.
wherever there is a body of water in nz, you will find the powerful taniwha; a fierce & scary guardian of the lakes, rivers, waterfalls.
he lurks amongst the greenstone boulders and beneath the blue-green ferns.
this is his soap.

Copyright 2002 – 08 ©: Patti Flynn, Soapmaker.

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  1. They all sound fantabulous, especially taniwha!:D