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Monday, May 12, 2008

tickling the feet of.......FAERIEMADE

1. what is your etsy shop name and link?

2. what is your favourite item in there right now? and why?
and link!

my favorite item? EVERYTHING, of course. but actually at the moment I am really happy with my natural perfumes because I love making them. I can't wait to get back to formulating different blends.

oh and my Ostara soap which is the newest soap in the line, it has been a huge seller:

3. what are your favourite ingredients and why?

essential oils and absolutes make me happy. they are so amazing. combining them into different blends for soaps and then making perfumes out of them. then also, they are more than just for scent, as they help with mood, healing and on and on.

i also really like unrefined shea butter. i love how it works for moisturizing, but also how nicely it works on cuts, pregnant tummies, surgical scars, and other skin complaints. i am not making medical claims, but i do see it.

4. what inspires you?


5. what is your best-seller?
soaps, muscle rub, lip balms, perfumes and shea butters.

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