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Monday, November 10, 2008

winter treasures from faeriemade

Yule Limited Edition soap from Faerie Made
This is our limited edition soap for winter. This vegan soap is absolutely gorgeous. Amber resin is combined with cedarwood, orange, litsea and patchouli. Juniperberry and clove round out the blend. Dusted with gold mica, this is a true affordable luxury and the scent blooms in the shower. Just lovely!
4.5 oz

Playing on the theme of Amber and juniperberry comes our Winter Solstice limited edition perfume. The scent is soft like the season. Snow on the ground mutes world. Everything is soft, subtle, clear, cool. Winter.

Neroli, lemon, blood orange and petitgrain tease the senses lightly. Amber resin and juniperberry essential oil are paired together with notes of sandalwood, patchouli and a touch of spicy clove coming out during the dry down. Soft and pretty.


  1. It all sounds fantastic. The color of soap is lovely.

  2. I purchased both of these items from faeriemade and they are awesome! She's almost out of stock on that Yule soap! Get it while you can.

  3. That yule soap is hands down a winner! I was lucky to snag 3 bars and I swear, I just sit and sniff it!!!!! Its incredible!!!