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Friday, January 18, 2008

who are we and what are we doing?

Our goal is turn people on to the delights of top-quality, boutique, handmade, personalized bath & body to promote other crafts produced by our members.

Our membership is composed of long-time contributing members to the largest, fastest-growing, most vibrant B&B community on the web. Many of our members have established, thriving, reputable businesses outside of etsy and wish to bring some of that flair and entrepreneurial action to the table. We've been supporting each other with information and resources for some years now. We are already a strong and cohesive group with a focus on excellent, safe, high-quality bath and body products.

Soap Dish members have decades of collective experience and have been part of an active forum that has been in existence for more than 5 years. Our home forum not only facilitates members by networking about business practices, supplier relationships, tips and techniques, but also helps educate members about potential unsafe practices in our business while encouraging members to educate their customers about safe bath & body products. All interaction is designed to improve our individual products and to promote the idea that using carefully thought-out and crafted products, made with exceptional ingredients, not only makes sense for our bodies but also helps to support artisan craftspeople the world over.

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