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Monday, January 28, 2008


1. tell us your name and the name of your etsy shop and give us the link.
Hi! I'm Julie & have the Casa de Super Bad Boutique

2. where do you live and what do you like about it?
I live in Taylor, Texas--about an hour east of Austin. This is my husband's hometown. Every since we got together, he's wanted to move back here. I was always resistant...But...I'm here and I like it quite a bit. It's small town, not quite as progressive as I'd like, but that's okay. Our house was built in the 20s & have a large lot with a zillion trees. You can hear the train from across town. It's really quite charming, even if EVERYONE knows what's going on in my life before I do. Ha!

3. what do you sell and why is it amazing?
Casa de Super Bad was initially created to showcase my glasswork--traditional stained glass, fused pieces and mosaics. But I decided on making it a boutique and sell my b&b along with the glass. I strive to offer unusual scents in fabulous products. I love pretty, quirky, wonderful and crazy stuff. I have lots of ideas. Keep checking the shop & see what's new!

4. what do you like about etsy?

I could shop all day on etsy...I am amazed by the diversity of artists and lots of pretty, quirky, wonderful and crazy stuff there.
5. who are some of your favourite sellers on etsy? links! links! links!

Check it out! Crazy stuff~~~

6. show us your etsy!

super bad at rare bird finds blog.

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