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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


1. tell us your name and the name of your etsy shop and give us the link.

Kelly Pint
True Vine Soap

2. where do you live and what do you like about it?

I live in Iowa. After living in the desert of CA for four years, I'm grateful for four seasons, green grass, and trees. I love the Farmer's Markets, the fact that we have wild herbs here, and it's a good place to raise our children.. soon to be all seven of them.

3. what do you sell and why is it amazing?

My Etsy has soaps in it right now that I happened to have on hand. I'm on my first listings yet. But what I love most about my soap is that it's just an extension of my first love which is herbs. I've been into herbs for quite a few years and really soaping was just one more way for me to utilize them. I live to infuse herbs, we use them medicinally in our home, and there are always jars of oil and jars of alcohol with herbs soaking in them. I love that my children think it's fairly normal to use Daddy's cough syrup and Mama's butters than the stuff that comes from the store. So, my stuff is amazing because of the years of herbal research that has gone into them.

4. what do you like about etsy?

It generally draws a customer that is willing to recognize there is value in something that is handcrafted and unique and they are willing to pay a little more for something that isn't mass produced in some factory over in China.

5. who are some of your favourite sellers on etsy? and give me links

Obviously with our large family and me being a SAHMama we don't spend a lot of extra money. So I can't tell you who I'm a customer of, but I can tell you whose things I drool over the most. Magic Hands, I love your soaps. And Cavendish, oh my! Gorgeous stuff and photography. And there is another maker over there, I don't know if she's a disher? BLSoaps - love the labels on her lip balms. Honestly, I'm starting to enjoy looking at the marketing and photography angles more and more, rather than just the product.


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  1. Thank you True Vine for that great interview. I love herbal and natural products too. I look forward to seeing more of your product on Etsy. You make wonderful things!