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Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring on Etsy by the Soaper Stars Team!

It is screaming spring here with the smell of lilacs blooming ... and after a hard winter and the sast week here in Asheville NC of rain and cold and gloom ... I am thrilled to have some spring weather.

And it is spring time on Etsy too!

A quick search has brought up These fine items that help to celebrate Spring!


  1. Caress used to make this bar soap that was called berry luscious, do you make any soaps that have a berry scent? Oh and do you have a shop in Asheville?

  2. i just saw this post ... i sell in asheville at the various markets and stores/spas/boutiques (you can see locations on my website i don't use fragrance oils only essential oils, so i don't have any berry scented soap, but if you check out etsy soaperstarteam, i bet you can find a nice berry scented soap.